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Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

Menjelajah Keindahan Deretan Batu Karang Pantai Papuma

Menjelajah Keindahan Deretan Batu Karang Pantai Papuma

                                            Pantai Papuma – Jember

Indonesia is an area of ​​a thousand islands, lined islands from Sabang to Merauke offers the beauty of marine tourism charm that is second to none. Many tourist areas are hidden in various regions in Indonesia and often untouched by human hands so still awake naturalness. The beauty of tourism in Indonesia is actually no less interesting with existing tourist attractions abroad. Like this one tourist spot ya all backpacker child is guaranteed to make you happy to stop by this place.
One of the famous beach located in the village of Lojejer, Waluhan Subdistrict, Jember, East Java, namely Papuma Beach. It's a real place mandatory for children backpacker visit as one of the tourist destinations in the country. Why must be visited? Because Papuma Beach is one of the beaches that became the mainstay of Jember residents who offers a million dazzling beauty.

                                              Beach Area  Papuma


If a child comes to the beach Papuma backpacker , backpacker all children will be presented with a view that is interesting and unique to the row of rocks that range in size from small to large . Lined rock this magnificent stand is one of the attractions of the beach Papuma is a mainstay and are rarely found on other beaches . One of the highest rock that has a high of more than 50 meters above sea off the coast there Papuma , the rock is called Siti Hinggil . Create a backpacker children who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the above Siti Hinggil Papuma can rent fishing boats lined up along the beach .
Problem sand ? This Papuma coast will not make you disappointed deh .. white sand is clean and free of impurities contained on this beach . backpacker child will also see the blue color of the sea water is so clear the waves were too high to make the beach this one is so safe , quiet and peaceful withdrawal was in heaven .
Facilities contained in this Papuma Beach also loh guys really complete , facilities such as tents , playgrounds , food stalls , souvenir shops , office manager , musola , toilets , and parking lots are all available here . As beaches are used as tourist attractions , beach Papuma has a pretty good management of the government .

                                                  Waves crashing on the beach Papuma

In addition to enjoying the beauty of exotic beaches , you can also visit the Lawa Cave which has a depth of 30 meters above sea level . However , to be able to come to Lawa Cave is only at low tide . Lawa Cave has a very strong history with the local people , it is said Lawa Cave is a place bertapanya Kyai Mataram.
In addition, children are also backpackers can find a variety of handicrafts typical of Jember city in this beach . Then there is a small hut located on a hill beach that can be used as a means to relax and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the beach from a height .

From the beach to the town of Jember Papuma , must travel a distance of 45 kilometers to the South . Access road to the beach from the town to the beach Papuma Papuma is already very good , you can rent a car or motorcycle when it was up in Jember with rental fee of Rp 150,000 . Backpacker accommodation for the child who wants to stay around too many choices Papuma Coast guys know , there are homestay , houses , villas and many others .

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